Frequently Asked Questions


Whether you get your work done at our award-winning studio or someplace else, you should always inquire as to your artist’s sanitation and safety procedures. Ask how many times their tubes (the piece of the tattoo gun that holds the one-use disposable needles which inject the ink into the skin) go through the autoclave. You should ask to see their autoclave and the logs that detail its use. You should ask to be present when your artist opens the needles that will be used for your tattoo. Any reputable shop will be more than happy to put you at ease with regards to your comfort and safety.

Here at Superchango, we take our clients’ safety very seriously. Our sanitization standards are state of art; meet and exceed all industry and state hygiene regulations to ensure our patrons’ health, ease of mind, and their artwork is protected. We invite you to check out our shop. We take a lot of pride in being the cleanest shop in Texas and the Houston area. You should demand no less.


First, you should have a general idea of what you want. It will help your artist if you know where you’d like your tattoo and if you bring some references: a picture on a phone, prints of some art, or a list of ideas you would like to see incorporated into your art. This will expedite the amount of time it takes to settle on the subject matter so that your artist can begin to draw your tattoo for your approval. While your artist will be more than happy to try to accommodate any requests you may have, some things may not be possible to incorporate into your work as they may be too intricate for the size you desire.

Once you are satisfied with what will be going on your body, your artist will probably take a few minutes to setup and get ready for your tattoo. Once he is ready, you will be called back and a carbon transfer will be placed where you are getting it done. It is VERY important that you like both the content and the placement of the carbon transfer, as this is exactly where the tattoo will be after you are done. Take a look in the mirror and upon final approval, the artist will place you in whatever position is necessary to get the art on your body (seated, laying down on a massage table, etc.). He will then get to work creating the art that you will treasure for the rest of your life. There will be a little pain as the tattoo is outlined, and less pain as the tattoo is then colored or shaded. This process could be quick or very long depending on the complexity of the work. Once done, your tattoo will be covered in saran wrap to protect it for the ride home. Don’t worry, this can be removed after about 15-20 minutes so you can wash it thoroughly with antibacterial, non-scented soap.